Court visit

The overview of Bangladesh Supreme court's general workflow

P:3 Supreme court. 25th Oct, 2021

 Understanding the matters that are handled by the Supreme Court.

The processes of the following two matters were observed:

Data collection for DIGITAL FILING:

Supreme Court case journey

How the case documents traverses “Desk-to-Desk” from a lawyer to the Judge and then the subordinate courts for appeal. Also made the following observations:

Inconclusive - The next physical processes after receiving the documents. Due to the absence of the concerned person further processes are yet to be understood.

 Understanding of the Court Staff

Brief overview of the following portals (by Anarul bhai):



The purpose of the visit was to observe how the physical journey can be translated into the digitalized system. How the case documents will be traverse via the system. Who will be the next individual to receive the digitalized documents, Specific user actions such as deleting or rectifying an error or mistake in the system.

Next course of action:




High court’s Judiciary Process (step by step):







P2: CMM court visit 12th Oct, 2021

What we observe

1. Observe the Eslash (where trail happen)
2. Collect all the documents (hard copy)
3. Gain knowledge about the documents.
4. Seat with domain (lawyer)
5. Discuss their functionality
6. observe GR and CR case
7. Observe filing a petition and cause list .
8. Observe case transfer in seresta house
9. Find out the lawyer observation about the e-judiciary system
10. Get to know two digital systems whose are facilitating lawyer and causelist (court)