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CCMS (Court Case Management System)


Part 1: It’s About Change

Part 2: Does it help you do your work?

Part 3: The Court Organization, Users, and Roles

Part 4: Relationships and Groups

Part 5: System Configurability and Adaptability

Part 6: Tasks, Events, and Workflow

Part 7: Criminal Charges and Data Sharing

Part 8: Criminal Case Sentencing and Consequences

Part 9A: Scheduling and Calendaring

Part 9B: Scheduling and Calendaring

Part 10: Documents

Part 11 - The Impact Of E-Filing

Part 12: System Security

Part 13 - Public Access Capability and Interface Options

Part 14 – Case Related Requirements

Part 15: Financials –Public Requirements

Part 16 – Reports And Statistics

Part 17: Dashboards

Part 18: Decision Support

Part 19: User Interface (UI) and More

Part 20: Comments on Project Management, Acquisition, and Development