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Bangladesh has a total of 3684728 case backlogs in all types of courts across the country. The supreme court administration has send a case statics report to the media that including all backlog of cases in the country. The statistics show the Supreme court is holding 512685 case backlogs in total – 489068nusnder the High court division and 23617 under the Appellate division. Subordinate courts and tribunals are holding the remaining 3172043 case backlogs.  Pending cases are not only a great source of suffering to justice seekers, but are also a problem for courts since they can increase workloads and take up space and resources. Earlier, on April 28, 2019, Chief Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain expressed concerns over the number of pending cases in the Supreme Court, saying case backlog has reached a critical state.

The following case are still in the same format as they were before to solve this issue the whole judiciary system should work with a appropriate software or solution where each and every case will be sorted with details and the large case will be work on portion by portion. The system will be developed or organized with a standard SDLC (Software development life cycle) to enhance the solutions robustness and accessibility.

The Court Case Management System will be a system where all the cases will be availabe for case study and solve purposes 

Source: 3.7 million cases in backlog in Bangladesh courts | Dhaka Tribune